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Bereavement Guidance

The document below outlines the basic principles and procedures that underpin the school’s approach to supporting members of the school community affected by bereavement.

Bereavement affects everybody at some time, and as a close community, our school aims to provide the best support for those experiencing bereavement.

We recognise that every bereavement is unique and that any guidelines we have will need to take account of individual circumstances and the wishes of those most closely involved.

We aim to have suitably trained staff in school who understand the complexities surrounding bereavement and can help support families at times of bereavement to ensure that the school does what it can to best meet the needs of the bereaved.

It is important that children are helped to understand bereavement in clear and unambiguous ways, and given opportunities to experience the full range of emotions that may accompany bereavement within a safe and supportive atmosphere.

The school recognises the importance of long term support for those who are bereaved and will endeavour to provide opportunities for memorials and remembrance where appropriate.


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