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Pupil Leadership

At Hillyfield we encourage children to develop leadership skills and we have a range of leadership teams across both sites. 

  • Debating Club


    Who We Are:
    Debating Club meet every Tuesday after school and debate a range of exciting and controversial topics such as ‘We should all be vegans’ or ‘Ron v Hermoine!’ They are currently pupils from Years 5 and 6.

    What We Do:
    Our Hillyfield Debating Club are learning how to clearly express their ideas and becoming critical thinkers. They are great at articulating their thoughts and they are also brushing up on their presentation skills. In the future we are hoping to go head to head with other schools and put our debating skills to the test.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Team
  • Eco Committee


    Park Site
    “The Eco-Committee has began its work for 2019.

     The committee has been set up to give pupils a chance to take ownership over keeping the school as environmentally friendly as possible. We meet multiple times each half-term to share ideas about what can be done across the school. We then implement these ideas and monitor their effectiveness. Eco-committee members also take part in workshops with external visitors. So far this year the committee have been visited by Thames water and vehicle idling action. We are excited to carry on our important work this year!”






    Hill Site 
    The Eco – Committee want to make the school a greener and cleaner place. They want people reduce the amount of waste that is produced in the school, they want to have more plants growing in the school and they want to help to save energy in the school.






  • Community Advocate

    Who We Are
    We are a group of students ranging from years 4-6. Being a Community Advocate means that we are taking on a greater responsibility to contribute both to our school and wider community. Our aim is to create a sense of belonging where our school is a welcoming place for all.
    Perseverance & Determination
    Initiative & Commitment
    Working Interdependently
    Responsibility & Leadership
    Humility and Empathy

    What We Do
    We represent Hillyfield Primary Academy by:
    Being positive, kind and supportive role models
    Meeting bi-weekly to plan and organise fundraisers and community events

  • Sport Leadership

    At Hillyfield Primary Academy we have many fantastic children who love to help each other at playtime and lunchtimes. Sports leaders organise and run various games, competitions and activities during break and lunchtimes. They also play an integral part during intra competitions and sports days.

  • Reading Buddies

    More Info Coming Soon

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