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Please check our ‘upcoming events’ page for future performance details.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

We are currently not offering peripatetic music lessons, however students who have had peripatetic music lessons may choose to continue these privately.  To register your interest please click the link below:



As well as specialist teaching in music, art, ICT and P.E. at Hillyfield we also have a full-time Dance teacher. Throughout the year, all children from across the school will have the opportunity to take part in Dance lessons of the highest quality.

At Hillyfield we believe that Dance can play an exciting and leading role in providing dynamic focus for the educational experience of its young people. All children are encouraged and given the freedom to find new ways of learning and expressing themselves creatively through movement and Dance.  

Our Dance classes consist of technique exercises, creative time, group work, solo work and most of all fun! We follow the National Dance Teachers Association guidelines for primary school Dance, which also link to the national PE curriculum. During each topic the children will learn dance movements, create their own movement and work with others in either pairs or small groups to choreograph short dances which helps to enhance team building, sharing and collaborating ideas. Dance also helps to build self-confidence and helps children to mature emotionally by expressing thoughts and ideas in a more practical way.

Not only do we offer Dance as part of our curriculum, we offer fun specialised enrichment and after school clubs: Tap and Contemporary Jazz were some of the classes that we added to our timetable last year with Ballet and Street Dance continuing to enhance our range of specialised Dance classes this year. 

We also have a range of links to the community that offer Street Dance Classes and children last year were encouraged to take part in performances and workshops and performed at Higham Hill Street festival with Young Leaders Street Dance Crew.

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