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Writing at Hillyfield

At Hillyfield, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to:

  • Feel the need to write and experience the fun & enjoyment in practising the craft of writing

  • Feel confident and happy when engaging in the writing process

  • Be part of a writing community, able to discuss their own writing and how it feels to be a writer

  • Discover their own writing voice and be proud of their writing achievements


Year 5 children have recently embarked on their own ‘Writing for Pleasure’ project, where they have written their own short stories.  With a focus on writing to entertain, they have spent several weeks drafting, editing and proofreading their work until they felt ready to publish.  Some children have decided to publish their stories for a wider audience (in a range of formats, such as a podcast), and we are all very proud of their accomplishments.  Please check out some examples below:

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