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Introducing Betty


Why a School Dog?


There are a lot of articles about the benefits of having a dog in school, from increasing children’s understanding of responsibility to supporting children with managing their feelings and behaviour. Alongside the impact of a school dog on pupils, research also suggests that interactions with a dog can have benefits for staff too. Research shows that interacting with a dog can moderate stress by reducing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and other observable supportive signs of anxiety . 

Cockapoos are low dander and most coat types are low shedding, Cockapoos  are very suitable if you have allergies.



About Betty

Betty is  a Cockapoo. She is fast learner and is quickly understanding the smells, sights, sounds and routines of Hillyfield.

Children see and wave to Betty as she continues to learn how to behave on site. Betty is on the school gate daily,  supported in her training by children walking in as normal and giving her a wave.


Blake n Betty

Betty is settling in to the life of a School Dog very well.

Each day she visits classrooms, listening to reading, soaking up the sights and sounds of different lessons. Children share their work with Betty and read their favourite books to her, poems have even been written about her!

Children who may not have had much contact with animals before, are becoming much more confident, thanks to the gentle and calming nature of our favourite cockapoo.

During Lockdown, Betty even took part in some class Zooms.


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